A COLE WORL': We need men like Adams

September 04, 2017
Reneto Adams

Trust mi, I want Prime Minister Andrew Holness to succeed with this crime-fighting initiative enuh. I want him to be pleased at the end because I can see it in his eyes and hear it in his voice when he speaks.

He speaks with such enthusiasm and zest, like a child getting to know his real father for the first time. But, I will be the first to tell you that if the Zone of Special Operations (ZOSO) continue on the path it is on, it will be soso foolishness.

I believe the prime minister is filled with good intentions enuh, I really do. But I said it sometime ago, in order for us as a country and more so the security forces to ketch criminals, we have to think like criminals. There is no two ways about it.

What we are doing presently in Mount Salem is foolishness! 

Think about it, if yuh occupy one place fe 60 days and the only thing you are able to find are high powered knives and contraband that nuh tell yuh sup'm? If each time we stop at a location for 60 days and search 60 houses, yuh know bout 60 gunman run gone though. Yes ZOSO just start, yes, we know that a part of the ZOSO is about social reintegration, but at what expense?

Mr Holness, we can't reap any success like that. Think about Sammy, weh plant piece-a corn down a gully, he will never see that bear fruit enuh. We need hardened crime fighter types like Adams and Half-a-Dawg, who seems to be transferred from police station to police station, more than money a Western Union — to tackle hardened criminals. The social reintegration can come after, but the two a dem can't walk hand in hand

Jamaica Defence Force soldiers conduct searches in the Mount Salem, St James, zone of special operations on Sunday.

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