Not too late to work on resolutions

September 06, 2017
In this file 2013 photo, many persons were seen watching the fire works on the Waterfront in Kingston.

Warm Wednesday greetings, friends and others! Look here nuh, peeps. With the advent of September, 2017 has now officially entered its last quarter. So before you know it, another eventful year will be over. This may be a great time to begin some honest reflecting, and, if needs be, take the opportunity to start doing some serious redirecting.

Of course, I know the year is now kinda old, but it may still not be too late to finally begin working on some of those wonderful resolutions you made in January, but have still not kept. You still have four months, so you can start now. Yeah, right now. Start nuh!

Yes, my beloved readers. This year nah really done till midnight on December 31, so that thing called time is still in your possession. Hurry up, and start use it up. If you had planned to give God your all this year, grab the chance right now while the chance is still here. Yeah, man. There's still time and space to receive amazing grace. And that project you have in your head or on paper, start acting on it now nuh! Wah yuh a siddung and wait fah? Life is like a game of ludo or checker, yuh know. If yuh don't move, yuh may get hoof! So, get cracking.

You still have a whole quarter of a year left. And today still have 24 whole hours, each with 60 mighty minutes. So, you have ample opportunity for the ideas you have creatively visualised to become tangibly actualised. And if yuh buck yuh toe, still get up back and go. Trust me, you still have the power to transform some mistakes into miracles. The Bible says faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen. So, even when dem nuh reach yet, I'm already giving thanks for my promises and prophesies for 2017. How about you?

Oh, before I go, hear mi nuh folks. I'm in a generous midweek mood today. So, although I know it may not be much, I want to also leave you with two little nuggets from my gift of gab. But hold on deh. When I say gift of 'gab', I'm not referring to my obvious tendency to chat nuff and plenty. No, peeps, I'm actually just indulging my affinity for acronyms, and using 'GAB' as an abbreviation for 'Gospel According to Blakka'.

And the two pieces of gems I proffer from GAB are simply a reminder that: 1. Feel-good is a decision; and 2. Laughter improves beauty.

Yes, so laugh and stop mek yuh face look ugly. And mek up yuh mind now to change yuh mood if it sour like lime. Just gwaan work to make your plans and dream start grow and shine. And do it now. Quick! Maximise on available time.

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