A COLE WORL': Welcome to scam rock

September 15, 2017
Alleged Jamaican lottery scammers being extradited embarks a plane to the United States at the Norman Manley International Airport in April.

One of the reasons crime is so prevalent in Jamaica, I theorise, is because of scamming. Yes, scamming!

And the reason Jamaica is slowly becoming the epicentre of scamming in this part of world is because we practise it everyday. Yes we do!

The thing with scamming is that it has been taking place as far back as slavery, when the white man introduced us to the Bible, and in the process they scammed us.

From then until now, scamming has been part of our reality. Sometimes yuh even go inna Missa Chin shop and just because you nah understand what he's saying to his fellow Chineyman and Chineywoman who is serving you the product, yuh end up getting less or an inferior product. A scam dat to.

 And as I am on the topic, let me clarify something right now. The talk of 'one and ready, two and drive', which is used by most, if not all taxi drivers, and loader man, is a BIG FAT LIE. It is scam!

It's just that when we hear it we nuh contextualise the phrase properly. It's only when you enter a taxi, that you realise that you aren't 'the one'.

Another scam that public passenger vehicle operators perpetuate is the 'yes, seat is in the bus' response. The ductors and loaderman, after inviting persons on the buses which then drives off. You then realise the con. Yes, seats are in the bus, but they are occupied by other passengers. 



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