A COLE WORL': Who made D'Angel a top top female artiste?

September 22, 2017
A scene from the Good Good Productions' No Worries featuring Spice (left) and D'Angel.

Yuh know seh of late me a hear the Good Good Productions' song, 'No Worries', by Spice and D'Angel a lot. Everyweh mi guh mi jus a hear it. It's a nice, feel good, happy song.

But D'Angel please, nuh over dweet when yuh ago talk bout, 'never inna history two top female dancehall artiste never link like that before'.

Nuh bada wid it cause mi nuh know who tell you seh you a top female artiste.

Image result for d'angel jamaica starWe like the song, please mek we enjoy it. Everywhere you go yuh a walk and tell people 'bout 'two top female dancehall artiste this, and two top female dancehall artiste that.

Spice is a top female artiste, full stop! Just enjoy the moment and try widen yuh network whilst this song is doing well because as mi seh, we like it and I truly believe that, 'God a deal wid everything, God a deal wid everything.'

Now on the same Good Good Productions, Yanique the Curvy Diva have a nice little song. Well, truth be told, the song is a big bumper song and this one is as catchy as fi Spice and D'Angel dem own.

I especially like the line that Yanique uses to mention the ubiquitous grudge that everybody inna dancehall seems to know about, when she sings, 'some gyal grudge me tru the life I live, dem nuh like me cause the wife I is'.

Anybody who nuh know Curvy woulda think that she drop off grammatically but she work in that 'is' right desseh fe mek everything flow like water when rain fall. I think Good Good Productions a do some good good productions, don't?

Image result for curvy diva jamaica star

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