This is the Jamaica we created

September 29, 2017
Four M16 assault rifles, a Glock 40 pistol and a quantity of assorted ammunition were seized in Flanker, St James on Monday.
Security forces on the ground in Mt Salem in Montego Bay, St James, within the zone of special operations.

In the past week, the political ombudsman was robbed, a policewoman and her daughter attacked during a home invasion, and a dead gunman's crony vows on social media to keep on killing. This is the Jamaica we created.

Are you happy?

A thousand murders a year, regardless of which party is in power, lottery scams, more than 250 gangs islandwide. These are the things we have turned a blind eye on over the last two decades, and then we turn around and complain that the Government and the police are not doing enough.

Meanwhile, gunmen have become so emboldened that they are killing babies and teenagers and posting pictures on social media of themselves posing with their weapons. Why do you think all of this is happening?

It's happening because we have, over the years, stuck our heads in the sand, hoping the problems would go away. But as you can see, it hasn't. If you have a sore on your foot and you ignore it, and it's not healing, and you're still not going to the doctor, eventually, you will lose that foot.




Similarly, if we know who the criminals are and we choose not to tell what we know, then those gunmen are going to begin to turn on us. But is that a wind of change I sense?

In recent days, the police have been making some headway into stemming the crime monster threatening to destroy us. More than 30 weapons, including M16 rifles, as well as hundreds of rounds of ammunition have been seized by police, and two of the country's most wanted criminals have been cut down.

It is not a coincidence that this is happening now. Induced by initiatives like the Zones of Special Operations, which is flawed, but has still proven to be effective, and the $100-million tranche allocated to paying for information leading to the recovery of weapons and the apprehension of criminals, people have begun to respond.

The number of calls to Crime Stop have doubled, and the impact is being seen.

We still have a long way to go. ZOSO needs to be tweaked, and people need to start providing even more information for the security forces to get those guns, reduce those murders, and start scaring the criminals.

We have just removed the scab off the sore. Now we need to apply salve and bandages and start the healing process. Now is the time for us to be aggressive. We must put an end to the days when we are the lambs just waiting to be slaughtered. We have to become the lions that take our country back from the hyenas.

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