Our social media lies

October 25, 2017
smartphone with social media apps

How close to the truth of the life that you live is the picture painted by your social media narrative? Think 'bout it!

That's a question and challenge I posted on my Facebook page some time ago. And I genuinely wasn't hurling insinuations or throwing shades at anyone, yu know.

No peeps, it was as an honest question to myself, posted after I realised how one random picture or harmless post can suggest a fantasy lifestyle or convey a glittery pattern that unwittingly tells a story about me that may be very far from the truth of my humble, and sometimes boring, reality.

Of course, the post landed like a 10-pound boot on some people's tender corn toes and created quite an engaging round of discussion.

Trust me, our people love drama fi true. Nuff a dem quick-quick started sending me private messages, asking me who I was throwing words at and challenging me to call names!

Well, look here nuh, I think it's a question worth repeating. So if you're active on social media, I'm throwing it in your lap right now. What say you? Talk up!




Are your touching tweets, inspiring Instagram pics and videos, and your colourfully captioned images and profound posts on Facebook really representative of the real you? Talk the truth and shame the devil!

Check this scenario. Your lunch option is either patty and coco bread or bun and cheese with a bag juice for six days of the week.

But on day number seven, somebody blesses you with a lunch date at an upscale restaurant. Now, if you take picture of the fancy meal and post it on social media with the caption 'lunchtime ritual', aren't you lying?

Also, you've never spent money to buy the Sunday Gleaner, or taken time to read them, but accidentally got your hands on one your neighbour borrowed from another neighbour.

If you post a picture of yourself reading it with the caption 'weekly routine', nuh lie yu a tell?

Hear mi nuh man, is long time now people promoting the notion that deep stories or complex concepts can be easily communicated with the use of just a single still image. That may be true yes.

A picture is definitely worth 1,000 words, as the saying goes. The sad reality, though, is that 999 of those words may be lies! Nuh true?



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