Stop living in denial

November 10, 2017
Soon we will all suffer from the psychological damage that accompanies living with murder on our doorsteps.

When are we going to stop living in denial in this country? I live for the day when we as a nation open our minds to reality and start resisting the embrace of stupidity.

So, there is this unfortunate situation in Trelawny, where a seven-year-old boy was sodomised by schoolmates. The situation has been compounded by an overzealous policeman arresting the victim's mother because, while attempting to report the matter to the police, she became impatient and used some foul language.

All of that is unfortunate, and I hope that the requisite actions are taken to have the matter sorted out in the best interest of the child and the wider society.

What I find equally disconcerting are the reported statements of the Trelawny divisional commander, Dwight Powell who, according to The Gleaner story, said "what happened to the boy was an unfortunate incident," and argued that "it may have been the result of other cultures being imported into the Jamaican society".

A statement like that coming from someone who, I assume, should know better is very disappointing. Does anyone in their right mind actually believe that sodomy is new to Jamaica, or as the divisional commander suggests, was recently imported?

Almost four decades ago while in high school, there was a case of a youngster who was sodomised at a boarding school I attended.

The victim was transferred to another high school, and the perpetrator expelled. This is not hearsay, because I was there, and both perpetrator and victim were well known to me.

There have also been other incidents of which I am aware, and they were not the result of some recently 'imported culture'.

Jamaica has always had its fair share of sexual perversion, just like the rest of the world. We like to pass ourselves off as holier than thou, disciples of Christianity and all that.

However, I do believe it's time that we open our eyes and see the truth and accept that we are not as we think we are.

There was a report a couple of years ago that the police received reports of several thousand cases of sexual abuse of young children, some of them mere months old.

Does Mr Powell believe that this is a new phenomenon?

No sir, this has been going on for hundreds of years, and the only reason it is coming to light now is because some sectors of society have come to see that we have a problem.

It is a problem that we urgently need to address, but we can only do so if we first accept that it is happening and that the problem lies within us and is not the consequence of any 'imported culture'.

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