Staring death in the face

December 08, 2017
Guns seized by United States Customs and Border Protection agents which were destined for Montego Bay, Jamaica.

Jamaica, it seems, is destined to be destroyed. Just this week, our police revealed that a cache of weapons destined for Montego Bay was intercepted by United States law enforcement.

One hundred and nineteen guns and several rounds of ammunition were prevented from coming in, and that's the good news.

The bad news is the possibility that several hundreds more have already made their way here by similar means, which can probably explain the Wild West scenario unfolding daily in the tourist capital.

St James has seen more than 300 murders so far this year, and given what we have seen now with this shipment of weapons, it really is not a surprise.

A lot of money generated from the lotto scam is apparently being used to transform western Jamaica into a modern-day Beirut.

There are guns aplenty in St James, Hanover, and Westmoreland - all over Jamaica for that matter - because these guns are finding their way into the country through the ports and coastlines, and there is nothing we can do.




Why? Because many of us are too corrupt and the rest are not willing to do anything but pray. While they prayed, gunmen were busy shooting 14 more people in St James, five fatally.

And it's not like it is going to get better. The murder of the American woman, Desiree Gibbon in St James, has now increased the focus of the world on this country.

The story was on the front page of the New York and British dailies, and you know they don't need extra motivation to smear the country's name in the pursuit of selling papers.

Right now, with all the good that people like Davina Bennett and Usain Bolt are doing, these senseless killings and almost daily shooting incidents that seemingly have people fleeing MoBay like Iraqis fled Baghdad during the height of the war are setting Jamaica up for economic disaster.

Money from tourism generates thousands of jobs, but if the tourists stop coming those jobs go away and the potential for economic growth with them.

Jamaica is in a crisis right now, and it seems as if we are afraid to face the reality and try to find solutions.

Instead, we are fighting propaganda battles over the National Identification System that the ignorant are describing as the 'mark of the beast'.

Meanwhile, the real beasts are those shipping in those hundreds of guns and ammunition that are being used to reduce the size of our population by almost five persons a day.

Isn't it time we get off our damned knees and started fighting back?

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