A state of emergency had to be called

January 19, 2018
One of the cars that was shot up near the Sangster International Airport in Montego Bay on Tuesday.

So the Government has finally called a state of emergency in St James, something I advocated in this very space a few months ago.

I would have gone a bit further and added Trelawny and Westmoreland, but hey, I am just happy that they called one.

It was about time. St James needed an urgent intervention. What has been happening there is crazy. People are being gunned down in broad daylight and the police seem incapable of doing anything to stem the bloodshed.

It makes you wonder whether they were indeed incapable, incompetent or simply overwhelmed. However, now that the full might of the State will be unleashed on the criminal element in St James, perhaps a victory of some sorts can be achieved.




The thing that bothers me is the reaction of some of us.

I understand why people are always sceptical of the government. There is a strong perception that it is corrupt and only acts in its own self-interest rather than the interest of the people.

This is perhaps why there are people who believe that the only reason why the state of emergency was declared was the double shooting that occurred in proximity to the airport earlier this week.

I do recall a reputed gang member being shot to death on 'Top Road' shortly after leaving court sometime last year.

Top Road is not that far away from the airport, and there have been other incidents that have occurred along the Hip Strip, some in full view of visitors.

So I don't know about this belief that the shooting incidents this week helped influence the decision.

As Prime Minister Holness said yesterday, there was a lot of planning that went on before the decision was made, and I would like to give him the benefit of the doubt on that.

What I would also like is that we do what we can in providing information to the security forces that will lead to the apprehension of the people who have had us living in abject fear over these past few years.

What I would also like is instead of nitpicking about the reasons why the state of emergency was called, to finally put our support behind the security forces in the hope that they achieve success.

The fact that is has been declared is evidence enough that the State is trying to bring crime under control. We should all try to do the same.

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