Great day for young fathers

June 20, 2018
Father walking son To school

"With God as our Father, brothers all are we. Let me walk with my brother in perfect harmony ..."

So say the lyrics of the motivational song Let There Be Peace on Earth by Jill Jackson and Sy Miller.

And look here nuh, I had an amazing and uplifting experience Sunday gone, sharing fellowship in perfect harmony inside the National Arena with thousands of my brothers.

Trust me, it was like balm for the spirit!

The occasion was an innovative and inspiring, men-only Father's Day function dubbed 'Meet a Father, Change your life'.

It was an initiative of Men's Bible Study Group, organised in partnership with several churches and non-profit organisations such as Choose Life International and Operation Save Jamaica.

The event was organised as a way of helping young men to be better fathers by providing counselling, mentorship opportunities, career information and spiritual guidance to young men from marginalised urban communities, many of whom have no active father in their lives.

The enthusiastic participants were provided with food aplenty and treated to top-class entertainment from gospel powerhouses like Marq Johnson, Kevin Downswell, and Rondell Positive.

They also got to win prizes for participating in a host of fun-filled, spontaneous contests and other interactive engagements.

And they were able to receive useful information from several booths manned by representatives of the HEART Trust/NTA, Caribbean Maritime University, Jamaica Defence Force Recruitment Unit, the Ministry of Justice and the Registrar General's Department.

I had a marvellous time sharing duties as one of the host/ presenters with my flesh and blood brother, brother-in-the-comedy-business and brother-in-Christ Ian 'Ity" Ellis.

I got to watch Brazil's opening World Cup match against Switzerland from some big-screen television with thousands of my brothers elder brothers like Bishop Rohan Edwards, Bishop Al Miller, Bishop Delford Davis and Minister Tommy Cowan, and thousands of younger brothers from some of Kingston's inner-city communities.

The best part for me, though, was the fact that hundreds of the young men took the big step forward and said the prayer of confession to accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour.

It was an extraordinary, goosebump-causing, tear-jerking moment! My prayer now is that those young men stay the course and resist the very attractive, distracting and destructive pull of the world that will seek to push them off track.

I also hope and pray fervently that this amazing experience will be repeated every Father's Day.

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