Wife a do some weird tings


July 05, 2018

Two woman up ya inna Orange Man country. One a Trini, an di nex one a Guyanese.

Guyanese ask Trini where is a good place fi she do a pedicure. Trini ask har wa wrong wid har present nail tech.

Guyanese say is har husband she waan get di pedi, but she nuh waan him goh di same place weh she goh.

Trini respond dat a she do fi har husband foot dem every now an den. Guyanese say, "really?" an den ask Trini how fi dweet.

So Trini explain all di tools she need fi get an exactly how fi do it.

So Guyanese falla instructions an do di pedi. Trini den ask Guyanese fi gi har all di details of how she do it.

Guyanese reel out di whole process, but afta she done talk everyting, Trini did curious bout one particular part.

Guyanese say wen she did a scrape off di dry skin offa har husband foot, she mek sure do it pon plastic.

Trini ask har why, wen she did tell har fi dweet ova di warm water an dat she mus continuously wash off di foot dem as she scrape off di dry skin.


Guyanese say she couldn't pass up the opportunity fi keep har husband skin!

Trini get confused an ask har why she would waan fi do supm like dat. Guyanese lower har voice an tell Trini say di world cruel out deh an dat di man-tief dem a gwaan bad.

She say har husband a di best ting eva happen to har life an dat she jus cyaan imagine living widout him.

Suh she say she mek sure goh to who she haffi goh to an do weh she haffi do in order fi keep har husband.

She also explain dat most a di tings dem weh she do fi keep har husband involve using tings weh connected to him. In other words, Guyanese constantly a wuk bay obeah fi tie har husband!

Guyanese say all wen har husband blow him nose, she keep di tissue or di rag fi gwaan wid har tings dem!

She put dem inna one special container weh she keep inna fi har side a dem closet.

Trini was definitely shocked and alarmed! Say she a go mek sure she neva eat fram Guyanese again, an she say she naa use nuttin fram har eeda, no towel, no cups, no plates, nuttin!!

Trini fraid a har Guyanese fren now. Lol. Life.

Awright, a it dat. Leggoments again. Sen mi unu drama dem at ragashanti@tambourineradio.com. See unu nex Thursday same place ya soh. Bless up unu self.


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