Woman get propa cuss out ova soap


August 02, 2018

Wah gwaan, TamFam? (inna Bounty Killer voice:) Hey yow, yallow, I is are deh ere!! Seriously though, mi hope everyting good wid unuh.

On to di drama:

Two woman up ya a Florida a good friends. Neither a dem work, both are stay-at-home moms (a so dem call dem up ya). Fi years, dem always do tings togeda and have playtime wid dem pickney.

One a di ting weh dem usually do togeda a laundry. Neither a dem have washing machine a dem yaad, so dem often go di laundromat togeda.

One time dem a do laundry and Mother A, mek we call har Sharon, prips Mother B, mek we call har Marcia, a teef out har soap. Yeah, inna di cawna a har yeye Sharon see Marcia quick, quick, quick a throw out har liquid soap inna one container. Sharon gwaan like she neva see and jus kept on talking and a turn roun like normal. As she a turn roun, soap-teef Marcia mask off di soap weh she tek and neatly cova back Sharon bakkle.

Some time pass, and Sharon been a keep a eye pon Marcia wid everyting. A next time when dem a do laundry, Sharon again prips soap-teef Marcia at work.

It reach a point weh Sharon a pree say Marcia mussi did a go through some ruff time mek she did haffi a teef har soap. But one ting weh did a badda Sharon was dat Marcia did always bring har own soap. Yeah, Marcia always have fi har big bakkle a soap. Di ongle difference was dat di brand a soap Sharon use was Tide, while Marcia use one a dem cheap, fu-fool one deh weh nuh wash clothes good. Nonetheless, Sharon did waan know why if Marcia have har owna soap she did still a teef fi har own.


So Sharon approached Marcia and mek she know say she been a see har a teef out har soap. Sharon nearly drop dung from shock wid wah fly out a soap-teef Marcia mouth in response. Marcia tell Sharon say wid di amount a money weh she have, she shoulda just ignore say she see har a "tek likkle" a har soap and shouldn't come a ''diss'' har. She say Sharon man a hustla a road so money a nuh problem fi har, and how she see say a cheap soap she Marcia haffi buy and she wouldn't even offer fi buy har a betta soap, but instead always a come a show off wid expensive Tide soap. Marcia reel out a bag a badmind tings bout Sharon weh she been have inna har heart a fester long time. Sharon say she did waan ansa har and tek har on, but she say di shock from being roun Marcia so long and neva know or see any sign say Marcia a carry feelings fi har so long, and dat Marcia badmind did buck so, mek she did dumb and couldn't find nutten fi say. Sharon say she jus turn roun and go finish har laundry.

When Sharon a leave, Marcia come up to har and apologise and say she nuh know a wah come ova har mek she say dem tings deh. Sharon just ansa "OK" and cut. Since then, Marcia been a call and a text Sharon wid a whole heap a apologies, but Sharon nah feature har. Sharon say she fraid a Marcia and nuh want nutten fi do wid har.

Seet deh, people can deh roun yuh and a act like dem a yuh friend and totally inna yuh cawna, but yet a hide and a badmind yuh di whole time.

All right, leggomentz again. Send mi unuh drama dem at

ragashanti@tambourineradio.com. See unuh next Thursday same place ya so. Straight blessings.


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