Haitian dilemma wid madda and daughter

August 09, 2018

Yoggo yow yow! Wah gwaan, TamFam? A jus di blessings as usual. Big up unuh self inna di day ya. Straight to di prekeh.

An 18-year-old young lady up ya, born to Jamaican parents, start to date a yute who has Haitian parents. Dem a gwaan good inna dem likkle relationship for a while wid no problems. Di yute even go a di girl yaad several times and pick har up and tek har out and it was never an issue. But she always go out to him a him car.

Wah day though dem go to a day party and when him bring har back home she did likkle tipsy so being di good boyfriend, him escort har straight to har door. Afta him ring di doorbell, di girl madda came and open di door. Di girl laugh and tell har madda say she was quite all right to have walked up to di door har self, but dat har boyfriend is so protective dat him did think it very necessary to escort har. Har madda laugh and say, "Mi like dat. Him is a good man." Di madda then turn to di yute and say, "Thank yuh fi a tek care a mi daughter yuh hear. Yuh do di right ting escort har to di door." Di yute replied, "That's OK Mrs _____. I'll always give her my hundred per cent." Same time di madda frownze and ask, "Where are you from?" Di yute ask har wah she mean? Di daughter jump een and explain say har boyfriend is first-generation American but dat both his parents and all a him relatives from his parents' generation come from Haiti. Di daughter also say because har boyfriend grow up only a speak Haitian Creole wid his parents and relatives him end up wid an accent. Same time di madda rhetorically ask, "So a Haiti yuh really come from?" Di daughter again explain say he was American. Di madda then ask, "A wah yuh do to mi pickney?"

Both di daughter and di yute were surprised wid di madda question. Di madda continued wid a argument a say she hope a nuh nutten di boyfriend do to har daughter mek she likkle bit groggy so. Both di daughter and di yute explain again say a drink she did a drink and get tipsy. Di madda respond say she hope a so it really go "cause mi know di tings dem weh unuh gwaan wid." Di 'unuh' inna har talk did a refer to Haitians. Di yute politely excuse himself and cut.

Afta di yute cut, di daughter move to har madda and tell har say she embarrass har to har boyfriend wid har stereotype of Haitian people. Di madda start argue say she nuh really have nutten gainst "all a dem." Di daughter cuss and say all dis time di madda neva have nuh problem wid di boyfriend, even up to di time when him reach di door she did cool wid him, and dat a exactly when she hear say him a Haitian, a deh so she start har foolishness. Di madda cuss back and say weh di daughter nuh know older than har. Di daughter cuss and say har madda backwards and ignorant bout Haitians and dat she would neva again bring har boyfriend round har madda again.

Madda and daughter still good of course, but di boyfriend part is still a source of grievance between dem.

All right, leggomentz again. Send mi unuh drama dem at ragashanti@tambourineradio.com See unuh next Thursday same place ya so. Bless up unuh self.


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