A tragic and heartless act


August 27, 2018
Yetanya 'Princess' Francis
Gladstone Taylor / Photographer Latoya Riley, Yetanya's mother

Fi di whole weekend mi feel saddened by the gruesome death of the 14-year-old Yetanya Francis, who was affectionately called 'Princess'.

She was allegedly raped and burnt in her community. Mi heart grieve and bleed for her family and friends to have to go through something so tragic and heartless.

God bless weh mi eat whole weekend, because every time mi think bout it, mi feel sick to mi stomach!

Something is chronically wrong in this country, and it is high time we stop acting like all is well. We have animals among us pretending to be humans, but their minds are evil.

How could anyone think to harm a child? Shame on us as a people and shame on us as a country, because we a let down the vulnerable and innocent children who rely on adults to protect them.

Our children are the future of this nation and if a so dem a go be brutally traumatised, tortured and murdered, then we won't have a bright future.

Even the ones that are left behind may be so damaged that they cannot be the men and women of tomorrow that will make Jamaica and the world a better place.


Mi heart goes out to the family. The old saying "It takes a village to raise a child" needs to be put in practice now more than ever, because you never know when disaster might strike at your door or drop right at your foot.

Also, it is for a community not to provide cover or safe haven for persons who prey on members of the community, especially the children.

Mi did a wonda how come mi no see the people dem from the community come out and protest, or even people from adjoining communities come out in solidarity against the atrocities being committed against the children.

This incident is not unique to one community and it seems to have become normalised. That in itself speaks volumes about the abyss into which we have plunged. Is a shame!

Talking among ourselves is not enough, because our children are still dying. We need to get radical as a people and understand that we cannot carry on like this.

Politicians and law makers need to do their part and as individuals, we haffi play our part as well. If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem.

Jamaica no irie at all. Prayers and condolences to the family of Yetanya Francis, rest in peace little Princess.

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