Messy situation in the bathroom

October 11, 2018

Suh dis bredda up-ya inna Orange Man place have a cookout a him yaad. Him invite him fren dem, who in turn invite fi dem fren dem.

Di result was dat people did deh a him event who him neva know.

Suh di cook-out a gwaan good, music a play, food a run an bay tings. At a certain point, a young lady ask him if there was another bathroom she could use cause di designated one did have a long line.

Di man mek she falla him upstairs fi use him bedroom bathroom. Him den walk back an guh stan up right outside him bedroom door.

Wen miss lady finish, she notice say him did a stan up a him door. She ask him why him did a wait deh. She den tell him seh him neva did haffi wait fi she come out.

Him jus staat neatly wrenk wid har an mek she know a fi him house an him can stan up anyweh him want in deh. She get bex likkle bit an wheel pass him wid likkle attitude.

Now di reason him did a wait was dat him have him money an whole heap a private tings inna him bedroom.

Suh afta she gaan him decide fi run a quick check inna him bathroom. All was well, except miss lady lef a whole heap a streaks inna him tylit!

Him get bex, particular because she did a gwaany-gwaany pon him.

People, unu nuh know say Missa Man guh dungstairs guh look fi di woman, call har one side, an quietly an politely ask har fi guh back upstairs guh use di tylit brush a di side an clean the tylit? Murda!!!

Di man say him serious an tell har seh if she nuh guh clean it him a guh loud it up.

An so it was, miss lady march right back upstairs wid bossy backa har an she did clean di tylit wid di brush an mek sure nuh streak neva lef in deh.

Wen she reach dungstairs she tell har friends dem seh she haffi leave now, caa she feel sick bad. Den dem cut.

She outa awda. Afta fi har gluteus nuh entitled to more privileges dan anybaddy else. Damn brite.

Anyways, a it dat again. Leggomentz. See unu nex Thursday same place ya suh. Jus gwaan bless up unu self an stay safe. Protection.


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