Earthquakes and floods ...The coming of the Lord is near


October 29, 2018
File An elderly woman looks carefully as she crosses Orange Street in Kingston following Tuesday's heavy rainfall.

Mi naw tell nuh lie, mi still a dry off! Unuh see seh God look like him ready fi tek back him world, including Jamaica! From earthquake every Sunday to heavy flood rains.

I am talking about the recent heavy rains and the gridlock that enveloped the Corporate Area and St Catherine last Tuesday afternoon. The ensuing trauma experienced by citizens, young and old alike, personally and business-wise, is still being talked about. People took many hours to move from point A to point B. As a matter of fact, nuff people could not move even one dehgeh-dehgeh inch.

There are stories of people leaving work about 4:30 p.m. and not reaching home, just a few miles away, until close to midnight! I can testify to this, as later I was on Washington Boulevard in the 11 p.m. bells and there was bumper-to-bumper traffic as far as the eye could see. Mi did have it up to mi eyeballs and mi epiglottis. Mi did feel like seh mi woulda just grab mi passport and go to some country fi chill out, because it look like Jamaica cancel. When dem done dig and fix, mi just fly in back to resume regular scheduled programming. Outta road a stress we out. Jesus wept!


How can a country's capital, its metropolis, be shut down literally after just a couple hours of rain ? Wah woulda happen if we did get a whole day of showers? As mi seh recently on my radio show, 'Miss Kitty Live', it look like Jamaica naw keep. No sah, mi still cannot believe what happened. On that fateful afternoon, I spent close to an hour on Oxford Road, close to the National Housing Trust building, looking at the Pegasus hotel just a few metres away, where I was scheduled to have a meeting. Mi couldn't reach! Mi did feel lakka seh mi woulda just come outta mi vehicle and walk di rest ah di way.

I have already complained that the Government and/or the relevant authorities seem to have got it wrong in how they are executing the various roadwork projects throughout the Corporate Area. Too many are being done simultaneously and I am yet to hear a plausible explanation for this approach. These projects have already resulted in tremendous delays, major confusion and frustration and, palpably, major loss of productivity. Nuff people, by the time dem reach work dem tired and can hardly kip dem yeye open. Nuff pickney caan learn nutten because by di time dem siddung ah dem desk, dem start draw big snore inna di class!

The prevailing circumstances set the foundation for pure chaos once the rains came. The absence of proper drainage systems exacerbated the situation significantly. I saw news reports with vivid images of major roads (such as Marcus Garvey Drive) inundated and looking like riverbeds with rising waters; of businesses being flooded out; motor vehicles stuck in many feet of water, waste-high, etc, and commuters stranded.

Wi did need oxygen tank and some flipper fi do deep-sea diving! It look like mi haffi go start drive wid mi two-piece. How will people be compensated for their losses ? Mi think seh ah one nedda flood God did aggo send, wid Noah right round di corner, ready fi tek over Jamaica!

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