Duppy tek plane go a farin


November 01, 2018

Dis Jamaican woman up yah a Orange man lan say she unda some serious stress ya now. She did have har good-good babyfadda a Jamaica who she did deh wid fi years. Then har madda send fi har fi live up yah a Rinjy Lan. But while she up yah she did still a link wid har babyfadda a Jamaica.

Di plan was fi she married him and then bring him up too. But him was a in-di-street man weh involve inna nuff tings and have all kinda record weh dem lawyer say woulda cause problems wid him filing. So, di plan was fi gwaan clean up him record before dem pree any filing.

So, while whole heap a time a pass wid di record cleaning, Miss Lady did start quietly a date up yah. Har dating lead to har a do di tings dem, which eventually lead to har start get bad. Yeah, gyal love up di freakiniss like wow. A she say mix up di ting wicked. Goodie well come out wid crazy dash-out skills.


So, pon one a har trip dem fi visit har babyfadda dem did a du-soh du-soh. A dat time him realise say him babymadda had certain skills. Di realisation bax him and di man just get bex and start give him babymadda bay bax! Di man bax and tump har up wicked and talk up a crocus bag a tings. Then get dis, afta him done beat har, him order har fi send on a next round.

Afta she touch back a Rinjy Lan she did a medz di bax-up and tump-up an she start pree fi lef him.

Anyway, cut lang story short, unuh nuh know say a few weeks afta she drop back up yah she get word say har babyfadda dead. Yeah, bossy go pon one a him regular movements and dem kill him. She did haffi run go back a Jamaica go deal wid funeral and bay tings.

Now get dis, she now claim say bossy duppy a presha har wicked. Mi nah laugh enuh. Yeah, she say a night time she feel a energy a mek certain demands of her mouth. Yups, a deh so di ting deh wid har ya now. Goodie convinced say duppy tek set pon her.

So, jus outta mischief mi ask har then a how him duppy reach farrin from Jamaica. Mi ask har if a plane him tek. American Airlines? JetBlue? Caribbean Airlines? She say duppy can travel anyweh dem want without plane. Unuh see mi dying trial?

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