Set a Christmas budget and stick to it

December 11, 2018

It's December again, and there's nothing better than Christmas in Jamaica. From the parties to the food, there's no denying that Jamaicans know how to have fun during the festive season. With so many issues - from the roads to the whole PetroJam debacle - some persons may wonder, what is there to celebrate? One of the things I've always loved about being Jamaican is our ability to smile in the face of adversity. Individually, I know that we are all facing our own challenges. Some of us are just plain broke, but we will all find a way to enjoy the season.

Here are some tips:

Make a budget

The big Christmas dinner is a staple in many households, but it can be very expensive. From the ham to the Christmas cake, it can all add up. Set a budget and stick to it. Plan the menu so that you can know how much it will all cost, then make adjustments where necessary.

Have a pixie

Most of us try to make Christmas special for the children, and that can be very expensive. So instead of trying to buy all the gifts by yourself, turn it into a pixie. Set a spending limit so that everyone can purchase one gift for each child. Take the opportunity to teach them that Christmas is not just about the presents, but about the moments spent together as a family and the memories that you make.

Set a party limit

Decide what parties you want to attend, and set a budget for tickets, outfits, etc, and stick to it. Take advantage of the free parties and the one where you can take your own drinks. Carpool with friends to save on gas, and it also makes parking easier.

Have a potluck

Instead of cooking everything yourself and spending the day preparing everything for the big Christmas dinner, ask your guests to bring a dish and bottle of something. All the food will add up to an amazing Christmas feast. This is a great option for single people. So instead of being alone for Christmas, you can spend the day eating awesome food with friends.

Christmas is still a fun time, and we can still enjoy it with some creativity and cooperation. Feel free to tap into your inner artist and make a gift for that special someone. Sometimes we get frustrated because everything costs money, but with some adjustments, we can get the most out of our holiday celebrations. Have a fun, delicious Jamaican Christmas!

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