Man a get bun from plantain?

March 07, 2019

Months ago dis bredren weh link wid we (friends weh live a Jamaica, USA an Canada) was convinced say him woman a gi him bun because 'down there' feel different.

Mi explain to him say him haffi careful wid him assumptions cause all kinda tings can mek a woman body adjust differently.

For example, as we get older, all humans muscles goh thru changes, including da area deh.

Di man cuss mi say mi always a defen woman ova man, an dat cause him deh wid har fi years him know exactly wa him a talk bout

So wa day ya now di general link we say him get confirmation. Him say one day recently him come home an goh pon him back porch goh see him woman fast asleep inna dem outdoor couch, wid a helleva plantain pon di couch between har legs - an di plantain was covered wid a condom!

Immediately him wake har up an ask har a waa gwaan wid di condom-plantain?

After nuff argument, she admit say she did a use di plantain pleasure har self.


She den say him nuh fi vex bout it, but rather fi see it as evidence say a di plantain she a use an not a nex man.

Him wappy back say she a use di plantain as evidence say she has indeed been a bun him, cause him estimate say di plantain a more dan five times di size weh him have, an all dem time deh wen she been a bawl when dem have sex, a straight conning.

Additionally, him say di fact dat she lied several times to him wen him ketch har is even more evidence.

Me now again a explain to him say it nuh must mean say she a bun him, an dat it can mean say har love for him is not only about sort-out.

Mi explain to him say nuff woman love dem man, but she may jus find alternatives fi supplement har needs if him nuh great in bed.

Hence, she use di plantain as a way fi nuh goh bun him wid a nex man.

Di man done mi again, say mi naa support him an mi naa undastan fi him side a di ting.

Ay sah.

A goh leggo now. Bless up unu self same way an be careful out deh. Watch unu headback an nuh tek nuh check. See unu nex week.


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