Husband and babyfather turn best friend

May 16, 2019

Yooow! Wah gwaan combolo? Unuh good? A hope everything propa and unuh nah mek di ole maskita dem draw unuh out inna dem crasses. Big up unuh self inna di day ya.

Straight up inna di prekeh ya now.

So dis man and woman up ya inna Rinjy Lan meet each other and hit it off propa and start date. Two-twos dem buss a breed. When di woman tell di man seh she a breed, di dawg flip out! Di man explode and start rinse out a bag a tingz say him nuh waan nuh yute. Him tell har she haffi go dash it weh. She tell him she nah dweet, and dat cause dem fi argue. At dat time she did a approach three months of pregnancy.

Anyways, she call har fren dem and tell dem bout har problem. Di fren dem decide fi carry har out fi distract har likkle bit from har stress. Dem carry go one entertainment facility and a cheer har up as best as dem could. While she de deh, a bredda see har and start draw fi har. She nah pay him no mind and did a think say if him did know wah did a reach har, him wouldn't even a look har. Him still neva stop though. Eventually she start have a pleasant conversation wid him that was indeed a relief from wah she did a go through. At di end a di convo, she did give him har digits.

Dem talk pon phone till she give him di whole drama bout wah a reach har. Him did very mature bout it. Dem eventually end up in love and step trang up inna a full relationship. Him mek har know him will be a great fadda to har child. Bout a month before di pickney born, him carry har go City Hall and quietly married har. Eventually, di pickney born and dem start build life together.


Di man end up really successful inna real estate development and mek har know she nah fi badda di pickney fadda fi money cause he will take care of everything. He was indeed a great fadda to di child and a great husband to har.

All dis time now di pickney fadda a keep up bay almshouse. Him nuh help wid di pickney and start style di husband. It reach di point weh him and di husband end up kick-off wicked a one mall parking lot. Di husband shell him out.

After him get him propa beatin, di pickney fadda a walk round a look sympathy from people a mek some eediat talk bout him pickney madda and har husband. But everybody tell him where him go wrong.

A so now di pickney fadda start pree di ting different. Eventually it end up dat him and di husband hold a long reasoning. And as him get fi know di husband, him start rate him too, and start fi happy say is a responsible man like him raise him child. Di husband all tell him say him need fi start spend more time wid di yute and establish a presence inna di yute life.

People, yuh nuh know say now di husband and di pickney fadda turn best fren!

An hear wah happen mek di whole mixup buss out, di husband and di wife decided fi have a nice, real renewal of vows wedding.Unuh nuh know say di pickney fadda was both di best man and di giveaway man!

A when di wedding guests notice say di child and di best man have di same last name dem start wonder. Later at di reception di pickney fadda and di husband announce and explain everything and a so everybody was in shock.

Look how people can maturely put aside dem unproductive differences and be happy in mutual respect, resulting in a greater good for all - particularly the child.

Mi loike it!

All right, see unuh next week. Tek care a unuh self and neva eva lef unuh headback caylis.


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