Cell phone picture gives hubby a headache

May 30, 2019

So dis married man up ya a Rinjy Lan have a woman pon di side. One day him an him bredrin dem a chill out a dem regula spot wen him side woman call him.

Him tell har fi come link him dung a di spot weh him deh. Him an him bredrin dem did outside a di front a di place.

Wen di bunnawoman fahwud, she gi him a small signal fi mek him know she reach, an walk pass dem goh inside a di place.

Afta she goh een, one a Missa Man bredrin turn to anneda one an say a long time him been a look di bunnawoman.

Him further explain say all him eva get fram har is a pitcha of har 'good stuff'. Him reel out him phone a show di oda man di pic.

Missa Man get bex now an git up same time goh inside an move to him bunnawoman, an a wile har up say she violate di ting.


Him bunnawoman respond dat yeah she did sen him a pic, but dat it was not fi har body.

Missa Man admit say him neva look pon di pic weh him bredrin show di oda bredrin; him did jus assume say a true.

Soh him bunnawoman goh show him. Afta him see di pic, him did a stare pon it fi a while. Soh di bunnawoman ask him a wa mek him a stare soh long.

Missa Man replied dat him did jus a look good so him can compare it to di one inna him bredrin phone.

Den him ask har weh she get dat pic from. She replied dat a one weh did a sen roun pon WhatsApp.

Anyways, yuh nuh know say layta pon a different ends, Missa Man goh gi a nex bredrin di drama an explain say wen him bunnawoman show him di pic him nayly drap dung, caa it was a pic of him wife sumting!

Missa Man recognise it exactly cause it have a unique mole pon it weh show clearly wen she shave.

Soh him bredrin ask him if him naa goh ask him wife how di pic en up out deh pon social media.

Missa Man say him naa ask har nuttin, caa him nuh waa goh find out sittin weh him cyaan manij. Dwl!

Anyways, a it dat again eno. See unu nex week same place ya soh. Bless up unu self.


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