Man a carry ‘kitty’ feelings

June 20, 2019

This woman meet a man an di two a dem staat reason an get fi know one anneda. Two-twos dem staat do dem ting an a enjoy one anneda to di fullest.

Dem relationship stay pon di level weh dem a do di tings dem but dem nuh officially, full-out deh. Besides, di man did have anneda woman who him a juggle wid.

Afta a while di woman meet a nex man who she get fi like a lot. It reach di point weh she an di new man staat do di tings dem too. Dem gwaan an gwaan till she an him deh outright, all live a house togeda.

Eventually, she mek di fuss man know say she have a new man an dat she live wid him.

However, di two a dem agree say dem a goh still do dem sex ting. Soh di fuss man became har official bunnaman.

Afta a while, it did get kinda tricky fi she effectively hide di bunnaman fram har right-out man.

So, Ms Lady decided to introduce har bunnaman to har right-out man so dat wen she ova by di bunnaman, di right-out man woan suspect nuttin.

So she mek di man dem meet and di two man dem actually became best frens to rhatid! But di whole time she a dash out pon di bunnaman an di right-out man nuh know.

But hear ya now, couple years lata, Ms Lady goh meet a nex man. Da man ya pocket did heavy bad an him neva did ramp fi fling money pon har.

It reach a point weh she an di dutty-money man staat sort out - so she leggo har first bunnaman

Di dawg get bex bad! Him staat beg an beseech to har fi dem gwaan hol di sort-out link, but she insisted dat dem haffi stop caa a jus one bunnaman she waan.

Peeps, di old bunnaman kick-off a piece a war wid har an get dis, him tell har say any how she nuh staat dash out pon him again, him a goh tell him 'best fren', har man, say she a sort out wid di new bunnaman!!!!

Same time she ask him if him a goh tell har man say him been a sort har out throughout di whole relationship? Him say no, but him a goh tell har man bout she an di new bunnaman.

She a plan fi him tho. The story continues.

Awright, a it dat eno. Leggomentz. See unu nex Thursday same place ya soh. Straight blessings.


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