Some parents need to PEP up their game

July 01, 2019
Students sitting the Primary Exit Profile test on May 30.
Students sitting the Primary Exit Profile test on May 30.

Nuff people heart come down now that the Primary Exit Profile (PEP) results are out.

Many parents and students were anxious about what the results would be, especially because some believe that PEP was given to the students prematurely and, therefore, put them at a disadvantage.

The now-exiled former Minister of Education Ruel Reid got backlash from even teachers who say PEP is a good idea, but it was not ready to be put to the student population.

Be that as it may, a PEP a run the place now, and it is imperative that all stakeholders come together and work so that the children can maximise their potential and be placed in a school that can help them to self-actualise.

Some parents a cuss, some may have due cause, while others have absolutely no basis!

Dem never go di extra mile fi dem pickney, dem no help with homework, dem no see to it that the child did go extra class to get strong in the weak areas, and when di results come, dem a act surprise!

If some parents wish to speak the truth, dem pickney get the grade that they worked for. Stop blame ministry and the teachers alone! Education is a partnership between parents, teachers, and students.

There are those who are currently seeking transfers for their children to schools that they never even picked! They now want to offload them into some schools that children have to work very hard to get into.

Dat no right and it no fair. As hard as it might sound, anno everybody can manage certain speed and volume of work. It is important that parents take their child's aptitude into consideration before trying to 'get dem into' a school because sometimes it can be devastating when dem can't keep up.

Congratulations to all the hard-working and dedicated parents who are reaping the rewards of their efforts.

To all the children who worked hard to make their families and schools proud, I salute you. I also want to encourage parents to hug those students who may not have passed for the school of their choice. Some children are late bloomers, and once they have the guidance and support, they will bloom wherever they're planted.

Big up unnuself and put some PEP inna unnu step come September morning!

Tek care a unnuself. One love!

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