Austrian reggae artiste Jami Dread releases two tracks


October 07, 2015
File Jami Dread

Austrian reggae artiste Jami Dread releases two tracks

Often referred to as the 'white dread', Austrian reggae artiste Jami Dread has released two new singles that he is currently promoting in Jamaica.

No newcomer to the Jamaican scene, Jami Dread has been active on the music scene, whether entering freestyle competitions put on by popular Jamaican radio disc jocks, or releasing music through digital distribution outlet, 21st Hapilos.

His latest works High & Frass and Privilege showcase the stylistic versatility of the artiste. Both songs are also being played on radio stations all over Jamaica the United States and Europe.

Jami Dread's music video for High & Frass is being broadcast on all major TV stations in Jamaica, USA and Europe.

Jami Dread lyrics consist of songs about life challenges and conscience, as well as beauty of women. Having only been in Jamaica for a short time, Jami Dread's music has been resonating well with the Jamaican audience.

"Music or art in general reflects life, so my music and songs are reflecting my life and its aspects. I want people to see me as a man who has spent a lot of time improving my musical skills and trying to embrace reggae and dancehall culture because I carry so much love for it," Jami Dread said.

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