Keznamdi releases 'Champion'


October 10, 2015

Keznamdi releases 'Champion'

Following the highly successful release of As Crazy As It Is, an international collaboration with Grammy-nominated EDM artiste Zhu on Sony/Columbia Records, reggae chanter Keznamdi launched his latest single, Champion via international music powerhouse blog on Thursday.

The single is available for download on iTunes and all other digital platforms.

The reggae/pop-infused track,

co-produced by Keznamdi and Sobe Entertainment, was co-written with Justin Beiber's writing partner and four-time Grammy Award winning songwriter Poo Bear. Champion is an anthemic ode encouraging 'dedication, discipline and drive' as a means of triumphing over the obstacles and harsh realities that life presents.

"I always aim to make good music that people can enjoy and feel inspired by," said Keznamdi. "I think this track captures both perfectly, so I'm really excited to send this out to the world. It was also a great experience working on a song with Poo Bear, one of the best writers around the world. I think collaborations like this are great for our genre and can help to better position our music globally."

positive feedback

Champion was pre-released to select local and international disc jocks two weeks ago and has garnered tremendous airplay already. With positive feedback across the board, coupled with the international attention of the Zhu collaboration, Keznamdi is poised to become Jamaica's next musical champion.

"We are putting a lot of energy into promoting Champion locally and

globally," said co-manager Matthew Lawrence. "We are targeting US college radio and online mainstream blogs, as well as our core audience. We also hope to have a high-profile online premiere partner to help continue Keznamdi's reach to new ears and markets around the worldwide."

A music video for Champion is slated to be shot later this month.

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