Jamaican movie starts Nov. 27


November 18, 2015
Orville Matherson
Paul Campbell

Finally. Jamaicans have been waiting over a year for the premiere of the highly anticipated movie, 'Jamaican Mafia'. Now that wait is over as the show will start November 27 at the Carib 5 cinema in Cross Roads with a glitzy premiere party.

"Paul Campbell, Mykal Fax, Stokely Brown, D'Angel will all be present for the premiere of this movie, it's going to be an amazing event," said Orville Matherson, producer of the film.

The film features some of Jamaica's finest talent, including veteran actor Paul Campbell, whose credits include Dancehall Queen and Third World Cop and dancehall artiste Michelle 'D' Angel' Downer. The storyline chronicles the life of Zoolian Anderson (played by actor Mykal Fax) as he moves from life as a regular citizen to being a criminal poised to take over a dangerous family business led by his uncle (Campbell).

"The performances by Campbell and Stokely Brown are incredible and inspiring Jamaicans are going to love this movie, it is like our version of Goodfellas. I played the role of Robin, she is one of the Mafia's girlfriends. she's a sexy, seductive, ride-or-die chick who can get a man to do pretty much anything she wants," D'Angel said.

Despite the marquis performances and strong script, the film has encountered several distribution hurdles. At one time, the producers were considering the possibility of releasing the film online.

"We found a better situation with fame.watch, which will allow us to stream the film worldwide on the same night for about US$8 per person There is so much buzz that we are confident this will work. people are really anticipating this movie, the wait has only stoked their interest twofold," Matherson said.

Fame.watch is a global digital platform which allows users to stream live footage from concerts, fashion shows, comedy shows, expos, dance parties, celebrity events, and other entertainment events.

Matherson, who produced the critically acclaimed film, A Dance for Grace, said that the movie's core audience has been impatiently awaiting its release for over a year, and they will not be disappointed.

"The trailer will start showing at Carib 5 soon. this is going to be a very exciting movie for the Jamaican public," he said.

Filmed entirely in New York City in 2013, Jamaican Mafia is done by Mykal Fax in conjunction with Yaad Boiiz Productions, Kingston 11 Films, and Donzo Productions.

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