Girl strips during Demarco’s performance


December 04, 2015

Demarco was in awesome form last Saturday night when he appeared at the launch party for Extra Beer at the Hits & Jam Water World amusement park in Georgetown, Guyana.

The prolific dancehall hitmaker stamped his class on the event with an energetic performance that included songs from his hit-laden catalogue such as Who the Hell Cares, Fallen Soldier, I Love My Life and Love a Come Down.

"The vibes in Guyana was awesome. The Guyanese fans showed me a lot of love everywhere I went. The show was something to talk about. Every song I performed was well received. It was pure excitement as the crowd sang along to all my songs. The girls just kept screaming throughout my performance," said Demarco.

As if things could not get any hotter, Demarco decided to turn things up a notch by inviting female members of the audience to square off in a 'Puppy Tail' dance contest while he sang the lyrics of the monster hit.

In a bid to outdo her opponents, woman, who was clearly caught up in the heat of the moment, began to strip as she did the dance. However, she was stopped and asked put on clothes before being allowed to finish dancing.

"The puppy tail contest was mad. The Guyanese girl have the dance locked. It was crazy. A lot of girls kept coming on the stage to dance the puppy tail, and the guys kept on giving more and more money to keep the contest going. I had a great time performing for my fans in Guyana. They really know how to party."

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