Nae Nae hits with new song, video


December 04, 2015
Contributed Nae Nae

Dancehall artiste Nae Nae steps out and shows the world that she's more than meets the eye with her latest single Fantasy Ride.

The upcoming sensation burst into the scene officially in 2012 and has been riding the airwaves since. Nae Nae is known widely for her rambunctious demeanour, and her energetic and vibrant personality; all of which is highlighted in her single and more so in the video.

fantasy ride

The erotic single, produced by Icon Music Group, is available on all digital platforms. The video was shot by noted director Wayne South and released on November 13, 2015.

In the scenes throughout the video Nae Nae is seen parading seductively and provocatively in lingerie and different skin tight apparel inviting her conquest on a "fantasy ride".

Due to the suggestive nature of the video it has gotten some harsh backlash. The diva is in strong defence of her material saying this will not slow her down in any way or prevent her from releasing other videos of this nature.

"I want to be the talked about female artiste in the industry; my music is not the soft 'girl next door' type, I like being sexy and sassy," she said, adding that similar videos have been played on public television stations with a similar or even more intense sexual appeal.

In the near future Nae Nae will be releasing some sizzling collaborations with Reddis, Bay C and dancehall newest sensation Razor B.

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