Deejay begs for world peace

April 15, 2016
Contributed Sleepy Landell

With terrorists claiming attacks in various hot spots of the world, including in Africa, Syria, Iraq, Turkey, France, and most recently in Belgium, deejay Sleepy Landell is appealing for calm and restraint from the belligerent parties.

The May Pen, Clarendon-based deejay, who is promoting his latest single, Crazy World, argues that the world has become a crazy place, with passenger planes being shot down, bomb blasts in public, kidnappings, beheadings, and numerous other atrocious acts.

"Right now, we are living in a crazy world. When you watch the news and the images you see is pure craziness," said Landell. "So me a ask the man (combatants) them, please hold it down. Stop the bloodshed and let us settle our differences around the negotiating table rather than from the barrel of the gun."

He said with each act of violence, the innocent are the most affected. He insisted that if there isn't any other alternative for the warring faction to settle their conflicts other than by killing each other, they must ensure that the innocent are not affected.

"Most times when you see the craziness, it's always the innocent who suffer the consequences. They are the ones who get killed," he declared.

According to the deejay, Crazy World was crafted to address the craziness in the world, and since its release, the song has been getting heavy rotation from radio stations and in the dancehall.

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