DJs issue threats ahead of clash

June 29, 2016

A brewing four-sound clash is threatening to make the war with ISIS look more like a walk in the park following threats made by rival selectors to annihilate each other on August 19 in Kingston.

The LA Lewis-hosted, Annette Crystal-promoted four-sound clash will see Country Tiger and Vertex Sound from Jamaica squaring off against international war machines Super Gold from the US and Royalty from Canada at Skateland, 121 Windward Road.

"It don't matter where you come from, Canada, America or Jamaica, you a go dead a Skateland on August 19, whether you like it or not," Country Tiger said in a warning to his nemesis. "They probably have more money than me, but they don't have the requisite skills and talents to survive in sound clashes. I can guarantee that the annihilation of Vortex, Super Gold and Royalty at Skateland is a done deal."

Tiger's assertion and threats, however, didn't go down well with the other sounds, who issued threats of their own.

"Some boy a live on borrowed time, but their time is set to be cancelled on the 19 of August ... put that in the news," Super Gold selector Gary Chucks asserted.

"I promised you that it will not be a sound clash, but a massacre at Skateland. They can charge Royalty for war crimes from now, been there done that," Royalty frontman Stinga Blinga said.

The Portmore-based Vertex Sound said they will be the last set standing. "Mouth open, anything can drop out. Just wait until me hold them a Skateland," DJ Najair warned.

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