Off Di Blvd packed to capacity

November 17, 2016
Friends having fun at Off Di Blvd block party.
@Normal:In this body-hugging outfit, Sasha strikes a pose. <\n><\n><\n>
Renae is all smiles as she poses for the camera.
Meet the Off Di Blvd crew - (from left) Ricky, Shenny, Craig and Damian.
This Roses bottle hostess (left) take a photo with a friend.
This patron gives a sultry smile.
KGN 5 crew, with Kareem (second right).

As one of the most anticipated events for November, Off Di Blvd was packed to capacity with patrons from all walks of life in Jamaica.

Held on November 5, the jam-packed party saw Supa Hype igniting the night with his uptown vibes. DJ Jiggy D came later to keep the vibes flowing, getting patrons to dance to popular new hits.

Infusion then came in, and now, Off Di Blvd was in full swing. The sound system made patrons dance and kept the Roses girls from the bottle service entity busy as they moved from tables to the bar.

Host of the party Shizzle Sherlock made it known to the crowd that his event was not a "donut event".

"Off Di Blvd was truly a success. Thanks to our loyal patrons, and my hard-working team. Fans can look out for our anniversary in July 2017," one of the event promoters told THE STAR.

Here are highlights from the party.

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