Bartlett pleased with entertainment push

December 02, 2016
From left: Patricia Edwards, Gem Myers and Karen Smith

Minister of Tourism Edmund Bartlett said he is pleased that entertainment is being taken seriously by hoteliers and other tourism entities, citing it as an important value-added component of the industry.

Bartlett said it is clear that more thought is being given to ways to enhance the experience of the guest, with entertainment high on the list of offerings.

"What is being offered to the guests today by way of entertainment is a far cry from what we used to see in the past. It is very refreshing to see the level of creativity and the quality shows our visitors now have at their disposal," he said.

Bartlett noted that in his many conversations with hotel general managers and restaurateurs, it is clear that there is a direct link between quality entertainment and guest satisfaction.




"Their own market research is telling them about the value of having a good entertainment package as part of their product offering. If the guest cannot get it at their location, he or she will go somewhere else to find it," the minister said.

He said Jamaica, more than anything else, is known for its music and culture and should, at every opportunity, use that as "a key marketing tool". He noted Jamaica had some of the best cabaret performers in hotels, entertaining guests.

Bartlett singled out the all-female cabaret group Pakage, describing the trio of Gem Myers, Karen Smith and Patricia Edwards as important trailblazers who have taken the entertainment industry to stratospheric heights.

Meanwhile, the minister informed that a number of street-side cafÈs will be built in the resort towns, just like in Miami Beach.

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