Riley, Frazer determined to let live music live

December 20, 2016
Tarrus Riley

This evening, Emancipation Park will echo of complementary performances by some of Jamaica's top entertainers.

For the sixth time, veteran musician Dean Frazer, and Jamaica's top royalties earner, reggae singer Tarrus Riley, have once again combined efforts to organise the annual Christmas-time concert called Let Live Music Live.

An event formed of nostalgia, designed to spark interest in the revitalisation of live music performances, Let Live Music Live is staged in the spirit of a jam session.

"It began as a sort of practise exercise," Riley explained. The reggae singer told THE STAR that musicians used to gather and play, an exercise of musical exploration and professional improvement.

"Then every month, they'd have a jam session in the park," he continued. It was an exercise that Riley himself participated in before he attained his current success.

"I would sing one-one song," he chuckled.

"Mi haffi big up Mr Frazer. He's the genesis of it," Riley continued, revealing that the long-time producer handles administrative organisation of the event, and so foresee no permissions issues. "Them always work with we. [Frazer] deals with that part," Riley said.

Now, after attaining local and international success within the music industry, Frazer, Riley and their friends have come together and expanded that exercise, purely for the entertainment of the general public.

"It was just a cool thing in the park," Riley told THE STAR. "We used to sing for people when they never used to know we. Now, it's like a gift. It's a musical gathering. A family outing. It's a nice event. It's something that you have to see for yourself."

The concert promises an all-star line-up, but much like a jam session, the itinerary of performers will not be known by the public.

The intention is to have patrons focus fully on the show, without worrying about the expense of entertainment.

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