Spotlight makes dancehall return

January 19, 2017
Recording artiste Spotlight is making a comeback.


Dancehall artiste Spotlight has made a return to the dancehall scene after taking almost a decade-long break.

According to the deejay known for his slang 'shine bright' he took a break to raise his child.

Spotlight is currently promoting a new song produced by Cornelius Records titled Need Money and also revealed that he became a professional chef during his absence.

"I was listening to whole heap a youth wey come up and dem a nyam up the rhythm and mi inna di restaurant and mi a sey mi can do it too," he said.


Hard core and explicit


The deejay said the music has become more hardcore and explicit but he is up for the challenge.

"I know I need to go harder because music took a turn. I was too polished so now it's about getting grimy and hardcore and show them that I wasn't really a sheltered youth. I will be touching more points that people talk about like now when I say everybody needs money," he said.

Spotlight said he has been reading to increase his vocabulary and knowledge. He also revealed that he developed much respect for Marcus Garvey due to some of the struggles he faced during his own development.

"I endured hardships in life so this is no 'pram push' thing and sometimes I feel like I have nothing to show," he said, noting he was also inspired by the movie Roots Next Generation.

The deejay is also promoting another record Mi Thing A Work, which was produced by his own label Spotlight Records, based in New York.

A music video for Need Money was recently filmed by Xtreme Arts and will be released this weekend.

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