Jamaica Carnival ready to reclaim Byron Lee's legacy

February 02, 2017
Ricky Chin (left) poses with Julianne Lee (centre) and her mother, Sheila Lee, at the launch of Jamaica Carnival at the Deck in New Kingston last Friday.
These women were all smiles as they showed off costumes during the recent launch of Jamaica Carnival.

Organisers of Jamaica Carnival are excited to be 'back pon de road'.

Julianne Lee, managing director of Jamaica Carnival, told THE STAR that all is set for the parade which is set to take place on April 23.

Jamaica Carnival is being held under the theme, 'Out of Many, One Carnival'.

"Brand Jamaica Carnival is all about uniting everyone regardless of race, colour or creed through the use of the universal language and music. My dad was a strong believer in that and so am I. We are a community and participant-based carnival," Lee said.

Legendary bandleader Byron Lee was responsible for the creation of Jamaica Carnival. The event came to being in 1990, and became a fixture in the Jamaican entertainment environment, but when Lee passed in November 2008, his death, loss of sponsorship, and the global economic crisis, which hit Jamaica hard, sent the carnival into hibernation until last year.

Now the carnival is back and Lee said that the costumes are reasonably priced.

"Jamaica Carnival has a road wear option for everyone, from T-shirts to pretty mas, we have it! Our package also includes refreshments along the route. In partnership with vendors, we will have meals and snacks for sale to satisfy our participants," Lee said.

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