Wayne Stoddart brings 'righteous' music for the people

February 03, 2017
Wayne Stoddart

Wayne Stoddart has been a familiar name on the gospel scene, since the release of his breakout single 'Committed' in 2001.

That same year, Stoddart relocated to the United States to pursue a degree in software engineering.

Stoddart's presence on the Jamaican gospel stage has been intermittent, but the singer is determined to revitalise his career with an international flair.

"What you do well, He wants you to do it for the Kingdom," he continued. Noting his passion for reggae music, the self-taught musician and singer decided instead to not refer to his work as specifically 'gospel', but rather 'righteous' music.

"My concept is that the Bible speaks of work. My job is what fuels my work," he said. Stoddart works full-time as a technical lead for Everest University.

"That's what I do in the professional realm. At my church, I am the youth and music pastor." Stoddart told THE WEEKEND STAR. He said his parents were not Christians, they sent him to church, where he saw and filled a need for musicians.




Stoddart said when he was about 13, all the musicians in his church migrated in quick successions.

He took the decision to learn musical instruments for the salvation of praise and worship.

As a result, Stoddart is now able to play the guitar, bass guitar, drums and keyboard.

"I like to say the Holy Spirit taught me," Stoddart laughed. "Gospel is really good news, any music that brings up a positive message, it's good news. It gives information, it lifts you, moves you. And it has to be positive. God should be the power of reggae music itself."

From a dream he had as a teenager, the singer has started the Righteous Rockers Movement.


Righteous performers


The movement kicked off about six months ago, with the release of Stoddart's latest single, Give, featuring Kenyan artiste Kepha Charles.

"He is part of the movement," he told THE WEEKEND STAR, which will include other 'good-news' and righteous performers from across the globe.

Stoddart told THE WEEKEND STAR that 17 tracks have been produced for the Righteous Rockers Movement Project.

"We are recording. We have about five of 17 tracks to be voiced," he said. Stoddart said that fans should expect to hear righteous music on the movement's upcoming album, from artistes in countries like Puerto Rico, the Netherlands, Canada, and the UK.

The singer said that a tour would be planned to visit all countries represented on the final cut of the Righteous Rockers Movement tour.

"I consider myself an ambassador of Jesus Christ. I just happen to communicate in the language in which I speak, that is music," he said.

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