Capleton fires up Redemption Live

February 07, 2017
Devin Di Dakta
Beenie Man
Kabaka Pyramid
Marley brothers (from left) Stephen, Ky-Mani, Jr Gong and Julian, in performance at the recent Redemption Live concert on Sunday.
Richie Spice
Jr Gong
Ky-Mani Marley
Patrons enjoying the Redemption Live concert.

Capleton, the 'Fireman' from St Mary, stole the show at the Redemption Live concert held inside the Half-Way Tree Transport Centre on Sunday night.

Though there were a host of outstanding performances on Sunday night, Capleton was in a league of his own as he ignited the stage with an electrifying performance.

From the moment he entered the stage, patrons knew they were in for a treat. Declaring that he had come to 'blaze up' the stage, the veteran entertainer encouraged those who could not handle the heat to exit the venue as he was about to "burn the fyah red-hot".

So said, so done.

The entertainer not only delivered on his promise of an exciting set, but he also spoke out against many of the issues currently affecting the country, particularly the upsurge in violence against women and children.




'Burning out' the paedophiles and rapists, the Fireman declared that the persons committing these crimes shall face their judgement soon enough, before performing his very fitting hit, That Day Will Come.

That was only the beginning.

Capleton spewed out hit after hit, completely commanding the stage and the hundreds gathered in front of him. His energy was contagious, almost hypnotic, as patrons watched and obeyed his every instruction. The entire Half-Way Tree jumped when he said jump, and waved when he said wave. They sang along as he delivered songs such as Raggy Road, Jah Jah City, Slew Dem and Bun Out. The crowd enjoyed his set so much so that when it was time for the entertainer to make his exit, the crowd, with sweat dripping from many of their faces, begged for more.

Before Capleton touched the stage and took things to a completely new level, Ky-Mani Marley and his brothers were the highlight of the evening. The offsprings of reggae legend Bob Marley took Half-Way Tree by storm and sent the crowd into a frenzy as they delivered a surprise performance of their father's Could You Be Loved. Jr Gong, Stephen, Julian and Rohan all made appearances, with their presence alone causing wild celebrations.

Beenie Man, Jah9, Kabaka Pyramid, Ikaya, Devin Di Dakta, Tifa, Christopher Ellis and Garnet Silk Jr also turned in spectacular performances, making the free concert celebrating Marley's 72nd birthday a success.

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