Lady Ali tackles infidelity in 'Bun Mi'

February 07, 2017
Lady Ali

Hitmatic Records recording artiste Lady Ali is getting props for her latest single, 'Bun Mi', a saucy song that addresses infidelity.

The song was written by Lady Ali and Lt Stitchie, and has been bombing FM radio into submission over the past week. Disc jockeys have fallen in love with the crisp, clear vocals of Lady Ali and her cutting-edge delivery, which is a cross between Sophia George and Queen Ifrica.

"The response has been phenomenal so far. I put up a video of myself singing the song, and it has gone over 80,000 views in less than a week, so it is a great look. I have got a lot of positive comments," said Lady Ali, whose real name is Alecia Watson.

The song is available on a number of online platforms such as iTunes and

Lady Ali explained that she was inspired to write the song based on her own personal experiences and those of her female friends.

"I was inspired to write it based on just my own experiences of being in a relationship with a cheater, and there are millions of women out there who can relate to my experiences, so I guess that's why people are gravitating towards it," she said.

She is overjoyed at the online response to the song from the public, and plans are well advanced to shoot a video for the project later this month.

"I am not worried about this song. I strongly believe that it can open doors for me, and I already have the follow-up. The video should be shot and released by mid February," she said.

Another single, Join the Line, which she released via a video on Facebook, quickly went viral, racking up more than 200,000 views in only a few weeks.

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