'Tekova' music video premiered

February 07, 2017
Sanjay (left) and dancer Shelly Belly.
Bounty Killer

One of the year's first major dancehall collaboration was launched recently at Boasy Tuesdays as Sanjay, Shelly Belly and Bounty Killer premiered the video for Tekova, their new dance single.

The song has been garnering much attention in the streets, as it is the first dancing song that Bounty Killer has ever recorded in his long career.

Tekova has been a staple in the dance segment of every weekly dancehall event for the past couple months, and the video adds an equally energetic visual that the trio hopes will help the single transcend into mainstream airplay and recognition.

Sanjay said the collaboration with the legendary Bounty Killer has been in the works for some time now, and he will be giving this single the promotion it deserves.

"Everyone in the industry has been asking how did we get Bounty to do a dance song," Sanjay said. "It actually started from my previous single, Belleh. We linked Bounty and he said that he doesn't do dancing songs. And that was the end of that, until he heard Tekova and he called Shelly Belly and said, 'Belly, this one can work'," explained Sanjay.

'Dancer Shelly Belly also has big plans for the single, as he intends to "just keep up the pressure in the streets and promote the single and dance, and now the video."

The video for Tekova is now available on YouTube and other social media platforms.

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