Jah Fucha hopes to 'Rise Like the Sun'

February 08, 2017
Jah Fucha

Dancehall singjay Jah Fucha (pronounced 'future') knows what it means to grow up in the grip of poverty.

He was raised by his grandmother, who struggled financially for years.

Now an adult, he earns an honest living as a fisherman in Mosquito Cove, Hanover, but hopes that his musical talent can change his destiny.

"I gave myself the name Jah Fucha because of my style a music; my style will be the future of our music. Things have always been drastic and hard for me, but I hope that my music will change my life," he said.

He is steadily carving out a reputation with songs like Rise Like the Sun.

"Mi love the feedback in the streets so far, the future looks bright," Jah Fucha said.

He also recently shot a video for the single.

Jah Fucha is trying to gain the services of a manager who can pilot his career in the competitive music industry.

"My songs are now playing in Germany and other places in Europe, and the USA. The work is out there, mi need a manager to govern the business aspect so I can finance my career," he said.

Born Romaine Dwain Cole in Claremont, Hanover, his grandmother was very supportive of his love for music which developed at age 10.

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