DJs set eyes on international market

February 09, 2017
DJ Cardo
DJ Ruxie

Selectors DJ Ruxie and DJ Cardo have set their eyes on the international market.

The deejays are resident selectors/disc jocks for events such as ‘Fantasy Mondays’ in Waltham Park, ‘Side Chick Tuesdays’ at Pilly Blacks Plaza, Olympic Way, and their very own ‘Magnum Wednesdays’ also in Waltham Park.

Both deejays, of the CD Fantasy team, are now getting increased request for international bookings and are eager to promote themselves to a wider market.

DJ Ruxie, who grew up in Payne Avenue, said that he has been receiving calls from the wider Caribbean, USA, and Canada.

“I have been receiving calls from so many promoters and it has been a good feeling. Our brand is growing and that’s very important to us,” he said. Cardo and Ruxie are known for their versatility around the turntable and their ability to please the crowd.

The manager for CD Fantasy, Kevin ‘Crazy Bling’ Dennis is also very proud of the success of the selectors and is looking forward to this new road.

Other members of the group include DJ Kongry and DJ Yokie.  

“We have a great team who supports us greatly and that is important to us. The streets also support us as they are our platform to shine,” DJ Cardo said. 

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