Jamaican clothing line promotes love for women

February 10, 2017
Dave Meikle, CEO of Guh Places Clothing, shows off the designs with female model Janie Sherman.


Given the current predicament facing the island's women regarding domestic violence, fresh clothing brand Guh Places Clothing has dedicated a line of their apparel brand to encourage love and respect for females.

The Jamaican brand, which is already making the rounds in Japan and other markets for reggae and dancehall, is set on taking Jamaican fashion to new heights.

"We are not here to be normal. We are here to take over and stand out among all other brands created in Jamaica. We have different goals from the others, different ways of looking at society. And instead of just simply reaping profits from our Jamaican people, we also want to give back," Dave Meikle, CEO of Guh Places Clothing, told THE WEEKEND STAR.

"For example, we have a special Valentine line which promotes love and appreciation for our females. We are going through trying times, and women overall need to be treated with love and respect not just your sexual partner but all. So the messages on some of our apparel will definitely promote love and respect."


Youth development


The company offers shipment globally, and has established pick-up shops in Mandeville, Clarendon, and Kingston. Meikle also boasts that the company is already contributing to youth development by creating employment opportunities.

"We have been employing students from the various colleges as models. We have also formed partnerships with brand ambassadors like ZJ Sparks, DJ Calico, ZJ Nova, Jah Vinci, and ZJ West. We are currently looking to work with more entertainers. These alliances are important to us because we are here to take the fashion part of entertainment to new levels. So it is important to literally embrace the field of entertainment, so we can feed from the energy and create to the best of our ability," he said.

Guh Places Clothing currently offers a variety of products, including pull-over jackets, tank tops, caps, and shirts. Persons can also get more information about the products by visiting guhplaces.com.

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