Kalado accused of stealing Shizzle Sherlock's slang

February 10, 2017
Shizzle Sherlock


Dancehall fashion enigma turned artiste Shizzle Sherlock has hit out against recording artiste Kalado, claiming the 'Make Me Feel' artiste has made a song inspired by his 'Bruck Talk' slang without his permission.

According to Sherlock, he has been promoting the talk for quite sometime. However, Kalado only recently decided to record a song called Bruck Foreigner, which he believes was inspired by the 'Bruck Talk' slang.

"As man start hashtag out dem slang, some man run guh do b......... song. A wah happen to some artiste? Do unuh own thing nuh, dawg, and stop gwaan like unuh a idiot. A wah happen to unuh. As man start hashtag out 'bruck talk' unuh run gone do song bout bruck foreigner. Unuh have dem head piece deh? A 2020 mi head deh, and your head deh 2017," Shizzle Sherlock said.

Shizzle Sherlock also encouraged his followers to ignore any song influenced by his work because he had nothing to do with it.

"Yow, people, nuh badda listen dem song and feel like a fi dem thing. Run gone a studio gone voice song like a fi unuh slang. Wah happen to unuh? Unuh can manage dem argument deh? Dem argument deh bigga dan unuh," he said.


false comments


When contacted, Kalado told THE WEEKEND STAR that he does not know much about Shizzle Sherlock.

"Firstly, I am not familiar with that individual who is making false comments. Secondly, I am not aware of any slang he nor anyone else has that relates to my song idea. This song came from a personal experience and observations, even though in reality, it was done for entertainment purposes. I recorded this song from summer of last year, and decided to release it now," he said.

Kalado also said Shizzle Sherlock is simply holding grudges because his song has been doing well since its release.

"He is not someone that I am familiar with, much less to think about him in capacity as an artiste or any regard. It seems he saw the impact of the song's first play and shock, so badmind get to his head," Kalado said.

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