Marvin drops beastly act for Nickeisha — Dancer plans special Valentine's Day for his lover

February 14, 2017
Marvin The Beast and girlfriend Nickeisha.
Marvin The Beast is all smiles beside his girlfriend, DHQ Nickeisha.

Popular dancer Marvin The Beast and his spouse Dancehall Queen Nickeisha were not supposed to spend Valentine's Day together, since Nickeisha was expected to perform in England tonight. However, following the postponement of two of her events, she returned to the island yesterday to spend the special day with her lover, the self-proclaimed dancehall beast.

Speaking with THE STAR yesterday, Marvin said his plans for the day are a bit rushed due to Nickeisha's unexpected return to the island.

"People really think I am beast out there, but I am a lover, and I celebrate Valentine's Day. It is a special day for you and your partner, to make her feel special - take her to a restaurant, club. You know, just do something special. That is how I was grown and that is just how I feel," he said.

The dancer was uncertain how he would woo Nickeisha today, but hinted that he was internalising his ideas.

"I don't have any special thing planned as yet because my partner was in England so she just about to land. It's unexpected so we just about to put some plans in place. Might book an all-inclusive hotel and just get away by wiself ... nothing too extra. I am on my way to the airport to pick her up now," Marvin said yesterday afternoon.

He also said Valentine's Day is not about being a beast, but showing maturity and respect.

"As a child, you hear a lot of misconceptions about Valentine's Day. But the more you grow up, you begin to realise and learn that it is supposed to be a day for you and your girl. I can't speak for anybody else, but all I can say otherwise is big up on Valentine because love is life, so just love each other and keep it real," he said.

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