Hopeton Lewis Jr continues musical tradition

February 15, 2017
Hopeton Lewis Jr

Hopeton Lewis Jr wears many hats, including music video director, music producer, singer and songwriter.

Son of the late pioneering ska legend Hopeton Lewis, he has established three labels, aimed at promoting the careers of up-and-coming musical artistes.

"I was born into music. As far back as I can remember, as a child there was always music around me. Growing up with my father in Montego Bay, there were always some of the great ska/rocksteady/reggae musicians and entertainers around him doing music," he said.

Lewis has been in the US for some time. He resided in Houston, Texas, before relocating to Bronx, New York, following the death of his father.

With his production now up and running, and overseeing the progress of three labels, namely Team Lewis 876, WWM Records and LIP, Lewis is getting ready to launch his roster of acts.

'Most of the artistes are family members. They include Flawless Snypa, Stassia, Jah Bless, Chrizzy, Troy Damion, Soundview Kony and Dray Voyahj", he said.

The latest projects include the songs Dilly Dally by Jah Bless and High Grade by Flawless Snypa, which are featured on the Jaoni rhythm.

There is also a collaborative project featuring Lewis and his father, called Like Father, Like Son, which is to be released over the next few months.

The 40-year-old Lewis is optimistic about changing the face of the musical game "by showcasing Jamaican artistes in different genres of music".

The Team Lewis 876 imprint will focus on reggae and soca music, while WWM Records takes care of rap and rhythm and blues. LIP will zone in on gospel music.

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