Benji Hype tries to capitalise on 'Bend U Back'

February 17, 2017
Benji Hype

Dancehall artiste Benji Hype is seeking to capitalise from the buzz round his latest single, 'Bend U Back'.

Co-produced by Sanjay 'Freeze' Pennant, Norris Griffiths and Manuel Sieber from Germany, the single was officially released on the ZionNoiFreeze Records label last summer.

"Selectors are calling me for dubs. Mi just want to big up Boom Boom, Foota Hype, Super Hype, Swatch International, Stone Love, and DJ Sheldon. Dem a mek it happen in the streets," he said.

Bend U Back, which Benji Hype said was inspired by the Galis Wednesday event went to number one on the ethnic reggae singles 'Charts in France' listings, and has caught on at radio stations and dances in Jamaica.

A music video to capitalise on the song's popularity is in the works.




"The response has been incredible, so far. It has a soca sound, so the girls can wine and gwaan bad to it. Right now, mi a turn up the promotion overseas as well, with Deevus Tunda, Impression Sound in New York, and DJ HQ from Hyperactive sound system. Big up Jerry Kruega, DJ Sherlock, and Crush Road from YouTube, who a endorse di ting," Benji Hype said.

Other singles from the artiste include It's Time, featuring Ginjah, and Mi No Care If Yu Gi It Weh.

"Right now, mi a go all out fi mek this happen. The people dem a show mi crazy love on Facebook and Twitter, and that just encourage me to go harder. The sky is the limit," said Benji.

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