Booba Starr wants to 'defend the youths'

February 17, 2017
Booba Starr

Reggae artiste Booba Starr continues his musical journey with 'Defend The Youths'.

"In light of everything that has been taking place, I felt it was my responsibility to voice a track defending the younger generation. There has been a recent spike in the number of children that are being abused and murdered, and we need to come together and put an end to it," said the artiste.

The song is an appeal to society to team up in a bid to end violence against children and demolish the social norms affiliated with such actions. The single will be released on February 27.

"I know the public will support this project. The song is relatable and connects with everyone in a different way. Many times we see the abuse taking place and we turn a blind eye. This song is to open the eyes of my fellow citizens." Booba Starr said.




Booba Starr shared that he is currently preparing the single's video for release shortly.

"The video will be just as heart-felt as the song, I made sure I carefully composed every line to stir up some amount of emotion in society. I plan on premiering it on local television before I start my international campaign," he added.

Booba Starr is also working on his Product Of The Ghetto EP.

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