Rawpa Crawpa finds success as a vlogger

February 17, 2017
Rawpa Crawpa

With more than 235,000 followers and YouTube subscribers, Rawpa Crawpa has managed to make his name a popular one among Facebook users by addressing social and political issues.

"I never planned on being a vlogger, it happened naturally. Around one year and five months ago, I did a video talking about Jamaicans who leave Jamaica and turn their backs, and it went viral. After that, I did a video about waist trainers and that gave me an even larger following," said Rawpa Crawpa.

Born Leonard White, Rawpa Crawpa said he started out as a musician over a decade ago before drifting into video production at BBMTV in London.

"In 2014, I decided to produce my own movie called W.A.R., after which I had the opportunity to further my acting in one of Nollywood's (Nigeria's film industry) widely known television series called Housewives and Girlfriends," he said.




He described his rise as a well-deserved one, as he believes it is harder for entertainers living in The United Kingdom.

"I believe that entertainers in London have to work harder to get recognition for their work as opposed to those living in Jamaica or the USA. We are basically outside of the grid and, therefore, we have to fight harder to get in," he said.

Rawpa Crawpa, who is known for his tag line, 'The struggle is real', said his inspiration mainly comes from issues affecting the younger generation and political matters that will have a widespread effect on humanity.

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