I don't owe Manning's an apology — comedian

February 22, 2017

Popular social media comic/stand-up comedian kevin2wokrayzee does not believe he owes The Manning's School an apology for making a joke about their recent Schools' Challenge Quiz flop, which saw the team incorrectly answer a question about the year WhatsApp was created.

WhatsApp was founded in 2009 by Brian Acton and Jan Koum. However, The Manning's quiz team, when asked what year WhatsApp was first released, answered "1947".

In a now viral skit, Kevin joked about the answer, stating that the founders must have been time travellers.

"The founders of WhatsApp were born in the 1970s, and if WhatsApp was first released in 1947, according to Manning's, that means the guys who founded WhatsApp ... they know how to time-travel. Oh, so that don't mek no sense," he said.

He noted the first cell phone was not invented until 1973.

"So Manning's, what dem did a use WhatsApp pan in 1947? Cup and string? ... It is not that they got it wrong but just the ridiculousness of the answer. If you used to go Manning's School I hope dem check unno rÈsumÈ," he said.

While many viewers found the skit funny, some felt the comedian went too far.

Kevin, however, told The STAR that he owes no apology for a joke that was based on facts.

"I am not saying the students of Manning's are not good or the teachers. I was just cracking a joke and everybody has blunders once in a while," he said. "At one point, I felt that comedians shouldn't apologise for jokes, but I now hold the view that if persons misinterpret a joke then the comedian should apologise. However, I don't think this is one of those cases because I did not make up the issue, the video is there for everybody to see."

The comedian also said critics are only bothered by jokes when it is on them.

"Some people are easily offended and no matter what, you can't please them. As Jamaicans, we crack jokes at any situation; that is just how Jamaicans are as a people," he said. "Comedians like Richard Pryor were able to make jokes about any situation, but now people are more uptight."

Kevin is adamant he means "no harm" to the youngsters, he was just finding the fun side to make people laugh.

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