BritJam set to excite patrons

February 24, 2017
Yanique 'Curvy Diva' Barrett was the host for the evening.
These promotional girls drew quite a bit of attention in the body hugging dresses.
Designer Errice was all smiles during the launch.
Evan 'Zum' Powell
These two women were alluring in white.

The Terra Nova Hotel played host to promoters of the 2017 BritJam party series, 'The Ultimate Spring Break Festival', last Monday, when those in attendance were given a sneak peek into what to expect at the event.

Slated to run from March 8 to14, this year's BritJam boasts nine events. Partygoers got a preview of what to expect when the actual series begins, as host for the evening, Yanique 'Curvy Diva' Barrett, pulled out all the stops in building the anticipation and excitement.

In her welcome address, the host substantiated the obvious tourism boost BritJam provides, pointing out that tickets have been purchased internationally.

CEO of BOJ TV Kern Spencer also spoke highly of the event and noted that it certainly attracts tourists.

"I conclude [that] BritJam is not only an important event, it's a key attractor that is probably the most significant factor why our arrival numbers have been doing so well since 2012. BritJam has recognised that Jamaica's entertainment and cultural activities are a big part our competitive advantages, and is using it as an attractor for persons especially from the UK to come to Jamaica," he said.

The organiser of the event, popular producer Evan 'Zum' Powell, along with his team members were introduced to the crowd, but not before the organisers highlighted the economic benefits of the series.

The series boasts events such as All Black, Cook-Out, Water War, All White, Flesh, Emergency Wear, Who's The Boss Boat Party and Play Boy.

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